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You have found the home of Mandy Berlin:  author, teacher, coach, and speaker.  Ms. Berlin is also a retired scientist of 22 years.

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Ms. Berlin is elated that her 5th book is out, so stay tuned friends for more information about 111 Morning Meditations!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #744,347 Paid in Kindle Store Overall

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Her 4th book, When Heaven Touches Earth, was published last fall.  It is available here on her website, as well as on Amazon, and a host of other online websites.  This compilation book with James VanPraagh, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Lisa McCourt, Mandy Berlin, and other amazing authors, contains individual stories about real life miracles that happened to each of the authors.

For a snippet of Mandy’s witty and uplifting story in this book, go to the tab above, entitled, When Heaven Touches Earth.  The author’s joy is to share her message of hope, joy, and love with you and yours. She would be happy to autograph her book for you!

For more detailed descriptions of the author’s other books, friends, check out the “Books & Products” tab above.  Read about Mandy’s true and wondrous journey into the world of the uncanny and the supernatural!  This is all in her third book of discovery, Death is Not “The End”:  One Agnostics Journey on The Bumpy Road To Belief!

Mandy is a firm believer in the Law of Attraction.  She understands the awesome power of Belief and Gratitude in creating what you want to Be, Do, or Have in your life. Asking for what you want is the first step in the attraction process. Believing is the second. Gratitude is the 3rd step in asking for and receiving what you have asked for. (The details of ALL five steps in Mandy’s Attractions Outcome Method™, can be discovered and utilized successfully by anyone who attends her talks or workshops, or by staying tuned to more information right here on the author’s website.)

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Feel free to leave a question or a comment in the section, below, and Mandy will respond to your request. Thank you friend.  She is looking forward to hearing from you!

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13 thoughts on “At Home”

  1. What a great website. Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with folks like me. I have read some of your stories. Can’t wait till your book is out, so I can read the whhole thing! When do you expect it to be published?Thank you, GC

    1. Thank you, Grace. So nice to hear from you. My joy is sharing my supernatural experiences with you and with all my readers! I’m so excited about the upcoming release of my third book, Death Is Not “The End” — 71 stories — all about these amazing happenings, dear! To answer your question, my publisher said that my book should be in print as early as 6-10 weeks from now. If you would like to pre-order it, just go to the pre-order page and fill it out, or shoot me a comment and I will assist you. I sincerely hope you like my stories. Your comments are most welcome. Have a Blessed Day! Mandy

    1. Hi Martin,

      Cami Here. Thanks for letting us know about the picture images. After doing a bit of research, we still arent sure why the images arent showing up. We will periodically be checking back to this issue to see if any progress has been made on WordPress’s side.

  2. Just starting Death Is Not The End. I will comment as I read each Journal Entry! As an agnostic, I’m getting a proper start!!

    1. Thank you for your question, Audrey 🙂

      My book contains song lyric permissions, which had to be approved by 42 music publishers. They were all approved, thankfully, and these permissions are each shown near the front of my tome. However, in our contract, the music publishers did not give us permission to produce any audio books or similar media.

      Hope this answers your question, and thank you for your interest. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.


  3. Sweet I believe my poems are on the same path of Enlightenment as your Books I named my Poetry ” Right Knowledge Poetry ” I mix traditional poetry with a Hip Hop Rhythm and Rhyme Thank YOU for this opportunity Peace and Blessing From The Great Right Soul

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