A Spirit Guide Speaks


Saturday, 05/01/2004
Waxing gibbous moon
Around 4 p.m.

A Spirit Guide Speaks

Bob Dylan Song Mr. Tamborine Man ..…49

I can’t seem to recall the date this wonderful event occurred, but I believe it was on or around May 1st. I know it happened at about four o’clock because I usually meditate around that time of day, at least when I’m home. I’ve been meditating a lot the past month and plan to continue with this practice. The deep breathing clears my mind, tends to alleviate grief, and consequently helps me sleep. Because of a health issue, I did some research and learned that meditation is a great way to retain the health we have or to return an ailing body, mind and spirit to healing mode.

Mandy’s motto: an ounce of prevention is worth a shot. So I ordered more meditation CDs. So happy to find they arrived on time for the weekend.

Well, after doing the Saturday chores, I glanced down at the mystifying stack of disks and books I’d arranged on the end table. Let’s try this one, I thought, as I slid the Spirit Guide Meditation CD from a book by Sylvia Browne.2 ”I’ve never attempted to contact a spirit guide,” I said to Tiggi, my tiger-striped confidante.

“So, what have I got to lose? Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something.” Tiggi’s tail shot up, then curled in approval.

“I see you agree!”

ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ

Sitting up straight on the sofa, I wiggle around and get comfortable while trying to keep my feet flat on the floor. Soon, with Ms. Browne’s recorded guidance, I slip into the deep-breathing process and begin to feel calmer, more relaxed. Then the author calls to mind several pathways that I’m now visualizing in my mind’s eye: a lovely field, a gazebo, and so on.

Slipping away, before long I hear her say that it is time to make my request.

I clear my throat. “Okay, here goes….”

I say it aloud, with confidence. “What is the name of my spirit guide?” For some reason, I think I’ll have to wait awhile to hear anything.

Not so….

Truly, no more than a few seconds elapse when I am thunderstruck to find the colors shifting in my field of view. Waves of violet, green and gold surge before my closed eyes. Then, at once, I hear a gentle voice as clear as the crystal chimes ringing on my patio! There is no mistaking his name.

“Charlemagne!” he says. (51)


49 Dylan, Bob. “Mr. Tambourine Man.” Bringing It All Back Home. Legacy, 1965. LP.

50 Browne, Sylvia. Contacting Your Spirit Guide. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2002. Print.

51 During today’s meditation, I learned that Charlemagne is my spirit guide. Charlemagne also conveyed the idea that he is a spirit being not to be confused with Charles the Greta, the Frankish king of old. 

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