The Horses and On to Surrey



Thursday, 09/09-09/11/2004
Oxford and Surrey

The Horses and On to Surrey

My Father’s Eyes by Eric Clapton…106

The London and Oxford tours were conducted by my personal guide, Char.  How lucky can I get?  Then, Thursday we enjoyed a tasty Middle Eastern dinner with Char’s sister, Alicia and her daughter, Sandy.  The next day, Char carted me off to the pastures for a mixer with Alicia, Sandy, and their beautiful horses grazing in a field greener than anything I’d seen since the Amish country.  Just before sundown, we snapped a few shots, “manely” of the horses, of course.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

In the morning, we moved on to Hensley for lunch with Max’s cousin, Nate.  After a few laughs, some who-do-you-knows, and an authentic shepherd’s pie, I unhappily said so-long to Char.  Then Nate took over and drove us on to Surrey where he and his wife, Chloe, live with their lovely daughters, Carmella and Rianna.

On Saturday, the five of us motored to Windsor for a tour of the Queen’s Castle.  The knowledgeable staff provided us with an in-depth look at the royal family – the allure, the joys, the responsibilities, and the sorrows that they had endured.  Some would say, what about the wealth?  We don’t have what they have.  Yet, I came away with the feeling that the old adage, money can’t buy happiness, holds true for this family as well. (My upcoming post script highlights the subject of wealth, ponderings written years later).

After our tour of the awesome castle, we hiked over to the gift shop to engage in blatant browsing.  In the end, I did purchase a few things.  You see, I just had to get some Windsor silver, four ornate towels, five boxes of fragrant soaps (they were small, really) and several calendar collectibles – gifts for Mom and a few of our friends.  Then, being the record-keeping fool that I am, I bought and kept a Buckingham Palace calendar for my office.

Thoughts before leaving:  how will this stuff ever fit in my suitcase?

We returned to Thorpe before dark, a little bushed yet ready for dinner.  Chloe’s spaghetti had the wonderful effect of reviving my spirits.  Then after her delicious meal, we revved up some more with high tea and conversation.  What a time we had, remembering the love, joy and humor our dear ones, Clyde and Max, had brought to our lives.  Nate’s father, Clyde passed away in March, not long after Max.  This terrible time happened just months before my trip to England.  I shared with Nate and the family how much I had been looking forward to meeting Clyde – even more because Max and I had been corresponding with him for so long.  Though my travel plans had been in the making for months, regrettably, I was too late.

Nate, Chloe and the girls had so many amazing stories to tell me that they made it easy to paint a picture of their father and grandfather in my mind’s eye.  He was a family man, a caring man – truly a gentle man.  Somehow, on this extraordinary night of Saturday, 9-11, I had the feeling that Clyde and Max were there with us.  I can’t help but believe Nate and Chloe felt that way too as we shared an evening of joyful memories and lots of love.  I do not exaggerate when I say we had a night I will never forget.  It will be fixed in my heart forever.

Post Script

Concerning the royal family and the subject of wealth, I have since learned that no matter how much money we may amass (or not), happiness is truly a state of mind.  As Rhonda Byrne, Mike Dooley and the inspiring authors of The Secret[2] say, “Thoughts become things.  Think the good ones.”  Isn’t this where wealth – the wealth of a full and meaningful life – begins?  We would do well to focus on the power of our thoughts.  From birth to death, regardless of any outside forces that seem to impinge upon our lives, every thought we have is ours, and every choice we make is our own.

            The Secret and the law of attraction tell us that we manifest or materialize all things (positive and negative) because of the kind of energy we create with our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and inspired actions.  As a result, according to law, we are the masters of our lives.  Concepts from The Secret link ancient metaphysical notions with the scriptures and, most incredibly, with energy theories of quantum physics.  This is where science, metaphysics, spiritualism, and religion join forces.

By the power of our minds, we possess the tools necessary to design whatever we would like, i.e., using a “mental” pencil, pen, paper, crayons, brush, paint, and easel.  But what are the internal tools  needed to see our desires come to fruition?  Amazingly, these are simply our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the necessary inspiration required to paint the pictures we wish to see:  that is, whatever we would like to do in life, the people we would like to meet, and whatever way we would like to live.  As a result, we need nothing outside ourselves to bring into material existence the things we wish to have, do or be.  Stated differently, using our thoughts, beliefs and energy vibration, we attract certain kinds of people, places and things into our lives.  These things form the fabric, the stuff of our lives.

If you think about it long and hard, would you really want it any other way?  The Infinite provides for us in ways that many of us have never even dared to dream possible.  Yet, it is possible, and indeed probable if we but choose to harness this knowledge – and practice, practice, practice.

The Secret arrived at my door in 2006, like a dynamic force in my life!  From the video and audio teachings, I have since been applying these concepts to attract amazing people, places, events – and yes – even written checks, rings, and material things that have enhanced my life in so many wonderful ways.  Of course, I’m always creating more, as are you!  It’s easy because, like gravity, the law of attraction is always in operation – whether we choose to think with intent and use our energy effectively or not.  In the last analysis, it’s a matter of learning how to apply the law of attraction proficiently to create the results we wish to achieve.  Yet, it’s not so much the quantity  as the quality of the outcome that most appeals to me.  I certainly don’t need another wardrobe of clothing right now.  I have already manifested that very well.  However, a summer home would be nice.  The hundred-degree temperatures in Arizona have tested my faculties quite enough.  I’m using the law of attraction now to visualize my lovely home – up in the pines!

An abundant life truly comes in different packages for different people.  Thank the universe for that.  And thank yourself for thinking about it.

106 Clapton, Eric. “My Father’s Eyes.” Pilgrim. Reprise, 1998. CD.

107 Byrne , Rhonda. The Secret. New York: Atria, 2006. Print.


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