Book Launch Day is Coming SOON!

Wondering what Mandy talks about in her new book?

Here’s a short introduction to “Death is Not “The End”.




       Death Is Not “The End”:  One Agnostic’s Journey On the Bumpy Road to Belief is a journal of real supernatural events.  Three hours before the Christmas Eve of 2003, the soul of Max Blau departed from a hospice in Tempe, Arizona.  Yet, in Oxford, England Christmas Eve had already arrived.  There in Max’s former home sat his loved ones, grief-stricken upon hearing he had died on their most loved and celebrated holiday.  Then just hours after Max’s purported departure, incredible things began to happen in Oxford, and in Arizona as well.

Despite the terrible sadness caused by the untimely death of Max, my husband and dearest friend in all the world, I soon realized that things were not as they seemed.  During Christmas week alone, I began to receive telephone calls from loved ones and friends dear to us.  Oddly, some of the callers sounded happy, if not downright joyful just after Max had left us!  In fact, his sisters and a few of his close friends called to tell me their uncanny stories.  From the outset, these tales had a strange effect on me.  You see, I was agnostic back then. I had no beliefs one way or another.  Nevertheless, after hearing these strange details, I decided to do what I did best – sit at my coffee table and take notes.

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