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Vision Board

Mandy will teach you how to use her Attraction Outcomes Method™ to intend and attract to you the things you’re “missing” or may lack in your life! This class will focus on the creation of your Vision Board to assist you in manifesting (or creating) something of value that you would like to have in your life. For example:
– A new job / new career / new boss 😉
– A new relationship
– More friendships
– Personal growth/self-improvement
– More money/abundance in your life
– A new wardrobe
– Better health
– Weight loss
– More self-esteem
– Your next dream vacation
– A new car
– A new home
– Anything positive that you want or desire to have in your life because you would like to have it!

Vision Boards really work!! This Mandy knows. The Law of Attraction is being used by so many people world-wide, yet so many are unaware of this entire process.

Mandy will also teach you how to focus on your vision board with Positive Feeling, Belief (so important!), Gratitude, and how to “Let Go” so that your wish becomes your Reality! These are some of the basic tenets of the Law of Attraction. However, you will also learn so much more!!

Another class will be announced soon.

Snacks, water, coffee, and hot tea will be provided. If you wish to have a specialty drink, like a particular style of coffee or soda, please bring it along with you.

Invite a friend! Simply call one of these 2 numbers to RSVP and sign up for the class!

Mandy 602-628-6083 or
Lindsey 602-615-6985

The address for this class is near the corner of Elliot Road and Highway 101 in Chandler, AZ. Full address and all remaining details will be provided when you call.


Glow Event

Mandy became a member of GLOW and will be participating in their Fall Potluck event.

More information on exact dates will be coming soon on this wonderful event.


Mandy is in progress of making new video’s outlining some of her amazing experiences with the Law of Attraction. She will also be making a video about her upcoming book, Death is Not “The End”, containing more supernatural phenomena that she experienced shortly after her husband passed. Mandy’s experiences with grief, loss and the supernatural have guided her to share with the world, because she wants to help you over come the feeling of loss in your life. This process is so important in guiding you to create the life of your dreams!

In the mean time follow this link for Mandy’s earlier video’s on YouTube.


Grief and Widows Classes and Seminars

As a widow who experienced 18 additional deaths, following the passing of her beloved Max, Mandy is quite familiar with the overwhelming sadness that often comes with major losses. Over time, Mandy had been able to ease much of these intense feelings through the discovery and practice of some wonderful Law of Attraction techniques.

For the past 9 years Mandy has been applying and teaching friends, loved ones, and students various applications of her Attraction Outcomes Method™. This method, as established through Mandy’s years of metaphysical and scientific research, testing, and experience, will provide you with the powerful tools and techniques you need to manifest (create) the life of your dreams!

Check back on this website for more information on Mandy’s upcoming classes, videos, and seminars.  She is working diligently to produce her next venue in the near future!

Please fill out the form below and register for Mandy’s June Vision Board class.  In addition, feel free to ask Mandy a question or tell her what you would like to see in upcoming venues.  Thank you 🙂

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