Independence Day and the Theory of Everything


Sunday, 07/04/2004
Waning gibbous moon
Independence Day

Independence Day and the
Theory of Everything

“Haunted” by the Moody Blues 67

Parallel Dimensions, Max and Energy Vibration. According to the Many Worlds Theory (Level 3) of parallel dimensions, people are in contact with other worlds (dimensions, universes). (81) All possibilities exist. Then, as you make one decision over another, the universe splits. According to this theory , each of the parallel dimensions is as real as any other. As you enter another dimension, you are probably not aware of the change in state, i.e., not consciously. The change may (or may not) be subtle, but it is natural, of course. One feature or many features of the universe may change. There may be a change in the weather or something might drop out of your universe  entirely, signaling that you have entered a parallel dimension. For instance, you might misplace your keys or start talking to somebody you just met. You might never see this person again. On the other hand, you may end up in a relationship with him (another decision point) and that just might change your life – as Max changed mine when he was alive, and after he died. There are many ways to conceive of parallel dimensions. I like to think of them as alternate realities where like-minded spirits (living and deceased) meet and carry on.

Thoughts to ponder on a rainy day: did I enter a parallel dimension when I first encountered Max’s spirit? Or did his spirit cross over some (mental/physical/spiritual) threshold, entering my universe ? Perhaps Max moved on to another dimension, later returning to see his loved ones – like Tessie, who became aware of his spirit presence, as well as those who remained unaware. Maybe when Max died he did not leave our world at all, at least not for awhile. Then on that awe-inspiring day in my dining room (January 1, 2004), his being and mine reconvened in one dimension, reminding me of the fateful night we met in a bar in Tempe, Arizona.

Parallel dimension and law of attraction concepts link to the principle in quantum physics that energy vibrates (82) at specified frequencies. As we have seen according to string theory , the strings that make up our world of gravity , matter and energy, have different frequencies. That is, strings vibrate with varying levels of energy depending on the form of matter in question. Of course, everything in our universe is made of energy. This truth is evident in Einstein ’s seminal equation, E=Mc-squared. Though mass and energy reflect different properties of the same physical system, they are equivalent. (The letter “c” in the equation represents the speed of light – a constant which, as such, never changes.) In effect, if you multiply the constant by the mass (of any object in our physical system) you will obtain the amount of producible energy, i.e., the object’s frequency of vibration.

Water, trees, rocks, and yes, even money (!) possess the properties of mass and energy . Think about that the next time you wonder where your next dollar will come from. Are you creating your financial future energetically, i.e., through your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions? Your feelings and beliefs about money are as important as your actions.

As part of all matter and energy in our universe , different substances vibrate at different frequencies. For example, the vibrational frequency of a rock varies depending on the type of rock. Quartz crystals are manufactured for frequencies from a few tens of kilohertz to tens of megahertz. (83) Sadly, the water we drink is becoming more and more de-energized, having lower (unhealthier) vibrational frequencies than in previous years. (84) Our bodies are made of seventy to seventy-five percent water – one of the reasons the purity of our water is of great consequence – not only for us, but for all living creatures on our still-breathing planet. The vibration of a rock can be higher or lower than the vibration of a human being. Visit the sacred red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Absorb the powerful energy of the awesome vibrational structures. Beautiful high frequency locations can be found all over the globe.

We vibrate twenty-four seven. As carbon-based creatures, we are the living, breathing quintessence of all matter and energy that ever existed. We are truly the stuff of stars!

Our vibration may be high or low at any given point in time. In terms of consciousness , our variable levels of energy depend greatly on our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and  attitudes. These, in turn, affect the body, mind and spirit. Dr. David Hawkins ’ Map of Consciousness (converted to a logarithmic scale) is a method of charting (potentially raising?) the vibration of human consciousness. The map is based on Hawkins ’ studies in kinesiology. Using a large world-wide sample, Dr. Hawkins found that the vibrational frequency of love is 525 on the consciousness scale, regardless of where in the world the measurements were taken. Shame and misery hardly vibrate at all, gauged below 50 on the scale. The highest level of attainment, 1000, is beyond the common realm of humanity, i.e., at the level of Christ, or Buddha, or Infinity, “the source of reality manifest as divinity.” (85)

There are numerous ways to increase your energy vibration, such as through frequent exercise, meditation, reciting (and believing) positive affirmations, prayer, by cleansing toxins from the body, or just by being a caring, compassionate person. Journal writing is another wonderful way to raise your vibration. It is one of my favorite ways. On the other hand, you can probably think of activities that tend to lower your energy. What about watching negative movies and television shows? The use of illicit drugs? Taking excessive prescription drugs or even OTCs? Drinking alcohol frequently and excessively? Arguing to no purpose, i.e., outside of the debate arena or classroom? Compulsive shopping? Perhaps the need for more material goods reflects a core need, unexpressed. Like many addictions, extreme shopping may seem to raise your energy initially – only to cause it to plummet when the shopping must be abruptly removed from your agenda, due to a subsequent budget drain. Perhaps even the credit cards are maxed out. What about the strain on your mind, body, spirit? What other activities tend to lower your vibes?

Proponents of the Law of Attraction tell us that like attracts like. This means that like thoughts attract like thoughts. So like thoughts, feelings, and beliefs attract like actions – and like results. Your thoughts create patterns or frequency vibrations, i.e., the frequency at which you are vibrating from moment to moment. Different frequencies attract different kinds of matter and energy . We receive results that vary based on our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. More and more I realize that, whether living or deceased, Max and I were often vibrating at a similar level. We were tuned to the same virtual radio station for a long time, even after he died.

Yet no matter how highly (or lowly) our energy vibrates, consciousness is consciousness. It does not matter whether we are living or deceased. At death, your energy is simply transformed. Einstein reminded us of this truth when he said that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy simply is. Spirit never dies. Consciousness lives on, forever. If we are truly aware, we can tap into that consciousness any time. All it takes is some learning and practice. Initially, without any awareness, I was learning and practicing while I meditated; still do whenever possible. However, just after Max died, all I was attempting to do was to get some sleep. Little did I know what would happen next! …

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(This excerpt was taken from Mandy Berlin’s 3rd book, Death Is Not “The End”)

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