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Mandy Berlin
Mandy Berlin

Mandy Berlin, MEd, is an author, teacher, counselor, and retired statistician.  She completed her doctoral examinations in educational psychology at Arizona State University.  Berlin loves writing; “the supernatural” is a subject dear to her heart.  Email Mandy Berlin at for your confidential consultation on harnessing the Law of Attraction.   Contact her for assistance that is geared especially to your personal situation.  These consultations are designed to provide you with tools to create your life’s dream, or to assist you in overcoming loss.  Losses may include any kind of potentially harmful or hurtful life situation, such as:   job loss, divorce, loss of a home, or even the death of a loved one.

Mandy wants to give you Hope and show you just how much You can do to heal your life and help you get onto your desired path.

Community Connections

Partners and Mentors

Mandy has partnered with James Arthur Ray of Harmonic Wealth Global.  James thinks of life in five key areas of wealth (called the Five Pillars):

(1) Financial

(2) Relational

(3) Mental (including intellect and emotions)

(4) Physical, and

(5) Spiritual

Mandy is also working  under the mentorship of Sunny Dawn Johnston of Sunlight Alliance.  Sunny is a psychic medium and teacher who focuses on varied topics, such as:  life after death issues, using positive affirmations in your life, and connecting with your Archangels.



Mandy is also been a member of the Worldwide Who’s Who list for quite some time.

Mandy is very excited to begin the new adventure that she recently started with GLOW.

Mandy in the Community

On September 21st, 2013, the SanTan Sun News ran an article about Mandy.  You can follow the link below to read the wonderful article written by Meghan McCoy. This article can be found at the top of page 56.

To learn more about any of these people or organizations simply follow the links provided. Many of these groups and organizations have profiles of Mandy on their websites. You  can find additional information about Mandy, as related to those sites, by finding her profile on each page.


Book Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Love Story

April 15, 2018

Format: Paperback

When a loved one departs, our worlds turn upside down. How can we cope, especially when we lose a spouse, someone with whom we shared our lives, depended upon, needed, maybe more than we realized? The good times and bad, the laughter and tears, everything that makes up a relationship, is all packaged into one huge loss, yet itemized in a series of never-forgotten memories. Each memory plays a part in both our grief and healing.

You might think this is a book about life after death, paranormal activity, or finding faith, and in truth, it is all these things. But as I see it, this is a love story of two souls so intertwined, not even death will part them.

A scientist by trade, the author uses her scientific mind to try to rationalize all of the crazy things that are happening. At times, she goes into great detail, even conducting experiments, to find an explanation beyond what her heart is telling her and what she really knows all along yet denies (at first): there is life after death.

She also uses science in conjunction with spirituality and faith to demonstrate how they are not separate but all part of the same thing. I really love how she describes the existence of G-d: “Does the tiny ant recognize a human hand as it scurries all over it? … Would we recognize the hand of G-d if it were offered?”

G-d is infinite and all powerful, way beyond our comprehension and limited minds. This I’ve read time and time again (like in Kabbalah for example), but I don’t need a book to tell me this. I know it’s true. Will you be convinced after reading this book? Maybe or maybe not, but I recommend reading to find out!




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