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Mandy’s Third Book is Titled:

Death Is Not “The End”: One Agnostic’s Journey on the Bumpy Road to Belief!

Death Is Not The End Cover

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Here’s the press release for Mandy’s book (published by Abbott Press, 2015):

Screenshot of Page 1 Press Release

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                                         Front-cover art: Tawny Gamboa                                                                                     Back-cover art: Amy Whitehouse                                                                  Photo of Mandy’s Pinned Butterfly: Cami Cowan                      Author Photo: Edward Buchmann, Edification Studios

ISBN: 978-1-4582-1709-7; June 3, 2015


A skeptic gains a new outlook on life after her husband’s premature death from cancer.
“It is difficult to formulate words for what has happened,” Berlin writes in her thoughtful nonfiction debut. “You see, a revelation of this magnitude requires a whole new vocabulary on my part.” The revelation in question is one of many, all happening in the wake of the death of Berlin’s husband, Max, from cancer on December 23, 2003. Berlin, who was once agnostic, lost her husband and soon afterward began to experience strange phenomena, intimations of Max’s continued presence. On New Year’s Day 2004, she imagined she heard his voice repeating the kinds of joshing things he used to
say when he was alive. “I don’t pretend to completely understand what happened on January 1st,” she says, “but one thing I do know is, it happened.” At one point, she prays to God to hear his voice again, and the next day, while hunting for batteries for the TV remote, she stumbles across a tape recorder with a recording of Max’s voice still in it. Dozens of similar coincidences—light bulbs burning out, books falling off shelves, appliances suddenly turning on, etc.—convince Berlin that the man she describes as her best friend is still with her. Here, she studies the psychological phenomena of cognitive dissonance and the theoretical possibilities of parallel dimensions, investigations interspersed with touching memories of her life with Max. Readers who’ve lost a loved one will immediately sympathize with much of what Berlin relates. Skeptical readers might view her book less as an account of supernatural survival and more as a journal of grief grasping for something real. Nevertheless, her tale of an interrupted love story still resonates.

Fans of the movie Ghost will enjoy this tale of love surviving death.

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Mandy’s 5th Book is Titled:

111 Morning Meditations: Create Your Day With Intention

Image of 111 Morning Meditations

A regular meditation habit can make you healthier, happier and more successful than ever!

What do history’s greatest minds as well as today’s most successful athletes, supermoms, CEOs and celebrities all have in common? They Meditate! Meditation is not just for the yogis. It’s for everyone, of every age. Meditation is for all of humankind.

Thousands of years prove it, and Western science backs it up: Meditation removes stress and replaces it with a sense of inner peace and calm. It’s one of the best tools you have to deal with physical and psychological distress, balance your emotions and be in the present moment. Meditation will help you experience greater calm in the midst of the chaos. It will connect you to your inner-most feelings and challenge our habits of self-judgment.

… 111 Morning Meditations – Create your Day with Intention offers you the opportunity to start your day with peace and tranquility, helping you create a habit that can only benefit you and those around you. Meditation opens the door to real happiness, health and healing.

See Mandy’s contribution titled, “Invigorating Meditation and Visualization of Your Dream Home” (Chapter 39 in the book). You’ll find 111 meditations in this book written some wonderful spiritual authors!

Mandy’s Second Book is Titled:

 No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity Into Abundance


This book was co-authored by Mandy’s mentor; Sunny Dawn Johnston, Madison Taylor, HeatherAsh Amara, Mandy Berlin, and many others.

Review for the chapter, A LESSON FROM AN ANGEL in the book No Mistakes:

Mandy Berlin is a gifted writer who speaks volumes in “A LESSON FROM AN ANGEL.”

She exudes confidence in the manner in which she lives her life, as a practitioner and teacher of the Law of Attraction.  The true gift of life is precious.  Mandy delineates this in every facet of her being.

Denise R. VanZante~Tift MA~LSW /Marriage and Family Therapist

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Mandy’s Fourth Book is Titled:

When Heaven Touches Earth:  A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels, & Wonders


Mandy was delighted to be asked to write an inspirational story for this book, which features such amazing spiritual authors as James Van Praagh and Sunny Dawn Johnston.

When Heaven Touches Earth is Mandy’s fourth book, and she is just delighted to write this story for it!  Here’s a sneak peak into her true account as written in When Heaven Touches Earth:  A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels & Wonders:

Conversations with Max

I’ll never forget the miraculous New Year’s Day when my beloved Max came to me—just nine days after he had died—forever shattering my agnostic tendencies and prior beliefs about death. I’d spent that miserable morning feeling sorry for my dear, sweet husband, taken so young by the ravages of cancer—and also feeling sorry for myself. Though I’d always known it would be hard after Max transitioned, I’d never imagined just how hard it would be. As I wallowed that morning in the memories and images from his funeral, still so fresh in my heart, I was shocked to hear a voice embedded in an unusual buzzing sound, almost as if it were arising from the back of my brain.

Shaken to the core, I let out a shriek. Something or someone was there! I could barely detect words beneath the surreal buzzing, like the sound of white noise. Trying to regain my composure, I turned toward the sound. “What?” I asked. “What are you saying?”

When I still couldn’t decipher the syllables, I mustered the courage to yell, “Louder! I can’t hear you!” I needed to know what those words were!

Then, all at once, like a blast from infinity, the words socks up! seemed to echo off the back of my neck. The masculine tenor was deep and felt close to my head, yet the pitch was strangely high. That’s the best description I’m able to offer to anyone who has never experienced something so odd. It seemed the phrase “socks up” represented the tail end of a sentence I hadn’t been able to fully make out. And although the resonance was higher than any normal sound I’d ever heard, it was still clear to me that the voice was Max’s.

Even as I was flooded with joy at the contact from my deceased husband, my agnostic scientist’s brain wrestled with the idea of white noise coming to me from another dimension. As a statistician for over twenty years, I knew it wasn’t truly white noise at all. White noise has no pattern; yet this communication was definitely from some sort of entity capable of creating a detectable pattern that emerged in the form of a sentence. The unique sibilance of the words and overall familiarity of the tone left no doubt in my mind that it was Max. Or his soul. Or his something-or-other.

I leapt from my chair and stood straight up to signal my willingness to receive. Shaking, I turned in the direction of the voice and asked, “Socks up? What on earth are you trying to tell me, Max?”

The book When Heaven Touches Earth: A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels, and Wonders was released in latter 2016.

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Publishers Note

On the back cover of the book:

The bad news is that we often feel isolated, alone, and helpless in a cold and uncaring universe. The good news is that those feelings are just feelings and that love is the guiding principle of the universe.

This is an inspirational collection of 25 real-life stories of miracles, marvels, and wondrous events that demonstrate that we live in a universe governed by the law of love; that we are not alone―help is often available to us from the other side.

The contributors to this book share their own stories of everyday miracles. The inspirational stories here include:

  • The story of a deceased woman who sends to her daughter each year on her birthday a single calla lily in bloom
  • The inspirational tale of spirit guides who brought comfort to a mother caring for her severely disabled baby
  • How a widow and her daughter brought comfort to John Denver’s widow
  • A special story from best-selling author James Van Praagh that points to the reality of after-death communication

This collection of amazing stories will provide comfort, solace, and hope to those going through tough times. They prove that our deceased loved ones are always with us, watching us, and loving us even after they have passed on.


The Law of Attraction Manuscript – An In-Depth Introduction

The Law of Attraction manuscript includes Mandy’s 5 Step Process for creating what you want to be, do, or have in your life because you want it! This will also help you to consciously create or modify your path in life! This is the key introduction which will allow you to best utilize Mandy’s other teachings in manuscript form.

This manuscript includes dozens of simple yet effective examples of how to utilize the LOA daily in your life. Many examples take just minutes a day to do to experience change and rewarding results!

Reticular Activating System (RAS) Manuscript

(How to Manifest More Effectively using Your RAS!)

Thinking positively while using Mandy’s Five-Step System to create what you want – these things are a necessary part of creating your life. To do so even more effectively, use the RAS “filter” and the nerves in your brain! This will help your subconscious mind take direction from your conscious mind with an even higher likelihood of seeing the results you want!

This manuscript will provide you with:

    1. The background on the incredible applications of this filtering system in your brain
    2. The “gatekeeping” aspect of your brain and its vital role in creating what you want
    3. The many uses of your RAS/Brain with respect to attracting what you want
    4. Key skills for tapping into and “rewiring” your Brain to create the life of your dreams!

Delivery Method for Nerve – RAS Manuscript

Intend It Manuscript & Scroll

Intend It Manuscript w/ Scroll + S&H

RAS and Intend It Combination

Delivery Method for RAS & Intend It Manuscript w/ Scroll


Thought in a Bottle – A Message for You from the Universe!  This thought/quote in a little bottle will be selected especially for your use, either while you are working with the Five-Step Attraction Process or while you are simply meditating/thinking about what you want to have in your life.  You can wear it like a necklace, keep it on your dresser, or carry it anywhere with you to remind you of your goal or dream and how this personal message “ties in” with your intentions.

Necklace Chain Type


DVD’s & CD’s

Part I of Mandy’s DVD series on using the Law of Attraction is a great introduction to its teachings. “What You Think – You Attract!” is used along with Mandy’s Manuscript on how you can use the Law of Attraction to help you utilize the inherent power within you.

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Max Blau

Max’s CD contains Max’s voice and discusses his thoughts on Philosophy and Art. This was originally recorded in 2002.


To hear Max discuss Philosophy and Art, select here.

Mandy’s author interview with Donna Seebo on her radio show

Afterlife Pen’s

Pick your color, or be surprised when they come in the cute little pen boxes. The text reads …

Mandy Berlin


The Afterlife Awaits Us All…


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The Law of Attraction Pen’s

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Mandy Berlin



Choice of four colors on this Law of Attraction Engraved Pen. Please email Mandy with your specific color choice.

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Mandy is in progress of making new video’s outlining some of her amazing experiences with the Law of Attraction. She will also be making a video about her upcoming book, Death is Not “The End”, containing more supernatural phenomena that she experienced shortly after her husband passed. Mandy’s experiences with grief, loss and the supernatural have guided her to share with the world, because she wants to help you over come the feeling of loss in your life. This process is so important in guiding you to create the life of your dreams!

In the mean time follow this link for Mandy’s earlier video’s on YouTube.

Grief and Widows Classes and Seminars

As a widow who experienced 18 additional deaths, following the passing of her beloved Max, Mandy is quite familiar with the overwhelming sadness that often comes with major losses. Over time, Mandy had been able to ease much of these intense feelings through the discovery and practice of some wonderful Law of Attraction techniques.

For the past 9 years Mandy has been applying and teaching friends, loved ones, and students various applications of her Attraction Outcomes Method™. This method, as established through Mandy’s years of metaphysical and scientific research, testing, and experience, will provide you with the powerful tools and techniques you need to manifest (create) the life of your dreams!

Check back on this website for more information on Mandy’s upcoming classes, videos, and seminars.  She is working diligently to produce her next venue in the near future!

Please fill out the form below and register for Mandy’s June Vision Board class.  In addition, feel free to ask Mandy a question or tell her what you would like to see in upcoming venues.  Thank you 🙂



Mandy is experienced with the often overwhelming power of grief. If you would like to know how Mandy can help, fill out the form below, and she will get you connected to resources, or you could possibly benefit from one of Mandy’s Grief Sessions.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is always in motion, so no matter where you are on your discovery of how the Law of Attraction can help you in your life, Mandy can help guide you in the right direction.  Simply put Law of Attraction information, or consultation in the comment box below and Mandy will set up an appointment to meet with you.


Mandy is in the process of creating Grief and Widows Workshops that will help those grieving and those who have lost a spouse. Check back with us to see when these venues will be held.

4 thoughts on “Books & Products”

  1. Death Is Not “The End” is a different kind of love story. Have you ever wondered if the bonds of love still hold after a loved one has crossed over to the other side? Mandy Berlin tells us that love is eternal and ever present, no matter how things may appear to us in the aftermath of loss. Mandy was someone who had been immersed in the scientific method. She questioned the facets of life that couldn’t be observed and seen. Her book chronicles her awakening during the one year odyssey following the death of her beloved husband Max. Mandy and others began to experience all kinds of synchronicities, visitations, objects materializing and moving and delivered messages as Mandy opened herself more and more to the language of the Universe. This story is a heartfelt, poignant, lighthearted and surprisingly entertaining and humorous read. It will uplift you and be just the balm needed for your Soul. I highly recommend it.

    1. Dear Karen,

      I am truly honored, and am so happy to hear how much NJoyed reading my book.

      I wrote it from the heart. Still, there were those funny moments I simply couldn’t resist relating — Max’s humor shining through!

      Thank you for your thoughtful review, Karen.

      Heavenly blessings!

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