Max’s ButterflyButterfly from Book 3 In Book 3

This beautiful butterfly was found just days after her beloved husband Max’s funeral. We found this Sulfur butterfly in his truck.

My Mother, Grace and our Friend, Cami  Mandy’s Mother Grace, & our Friend, Cami

001 (5)Barnes & Noble book signing event.

Grace and Mandy, After College GraduationMandy and Grace Outdoors

Ms. Berlin’s Mother Grace is the subject of Mandy’s miraculous story in my co-authored book, No Mistakes:  How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance (Hierophant Publishing, 2013). Read my story to find out how we used the Law of Attraction and prayer to heal.

Mandy Berlin, Author    Mandy cropped imaged4

Mandy’s dear friend Nancy and one of her assistants Robert at one of our Christmas events.

6-22 Event 04










6-22 Event 03


Friends who joined us at one of  Mandy’s events a few years back.

Mandy B Outdoors



Out camping before Max passed.Mandy outdoors

Mandy and Max, Circa 1990
Mandy & Max, Circa 1990

Mandy and Max both loved the outdoors; camping, hiking and gardening were common pass-times for them. One might call them outdoor aficionados.

Vicki Higgins, Lisa, Sarah and Me at B&N Oceanside

Vicki Higgins & Mandy, both co-authors of No Mistakes, with friends.

   Mariah, our beautiful kittyMariah

Back Cover for Death is Not The End

A wonderful painting done by Artist, Amy Whitehouse. This painting is on the back cover of my Ms. Berlin’s book, Death is Not “The End”.

22299Our precious kitty, Mariah


Ms Grace opening her presents around Christmas time.

Mandy speaking at Mystic Journeyz in Gilbert..22304

Below is the lovely painting done by Artist, Tawny Gamboa. This painting is on the front cover of Mandy’s book, Death is Not “The End”.

Hardcover Cover Art for Death is Not The End

Grace and Mandy 2014 - cut downMandy’s Mother Grace and Mandy.



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